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Dissociative Disorders Awareness

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Hello!  This is the start of a Dissociative Disorder Awareness website.  For those of you who do not know what DID stands for it is Dissociative Identity Disorder previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  There are many people out in the world that go day in and day out with this or some other form of Dissociative Disorder (ie. dissociative fugue, dissociative amnesia, depersonalization, derealization etc.).  In coming months I hope to provide more information on this website about this. Click the buy now icon under the picture of the pin you wish to buy and it will take you to the paypal website.

The pins are 1" high with a silver colored backing.  It is a very durable pin.  I will not receive any profit on these pins.  The point is to get the awareness out there.  Even if you can't buy a pin, then please sign the guestbook and lets get the word out there.  Please pass the link on.  Thank you.

They Have Arrived

This is the youtube video showing each pin


Cafepress Site for the puzzle piece


Cafepress Site for the quilt ribbon


What's New?

10/23/07 - Site started
6/11/08 - Updated Site
7/18/08 - Pins have arrived

You can contact me at